The Warrick Wellness Trail is the regional healthcare destination for healthcare professionals and the more than one million residents who call our area home. In this one convenient place, resideWellness_Trail_Regionalnts will find the entire spectrum of medical, healthcare, and related services. Better yet, it’s all located just minutes from Interstates 64 and 69 (the International Commerce Superhighway that connects Michigan to Mexico), US 41, and Indiana Route 66.

Anchored by Deaconess Gateway Hospital and St. Mary’s Epworth Crossing, both longtime healthcare leaders in the tri-state area, the Warrick Wellness Trail is in a handy central location. With hospitals, specialty clinics, medical practices, an OB/GYN emergency facility, laboratories, research facilities, and pharmaceutical providers, along with lodging facilities and retail establishments, the Wellness Trail is equipped to meet all of your medical needs.

The impact is far and wide, with the Warrick Wellness Trail serving a market of more than one million people in Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky, with excellent growth and desirable demographics. Local government supports this development through tax phase-ins and other incentives for medical-related businesses. Warrick’s county-wide ambulance services and top-level paramedics maintain the most current technology, with rapid response times continually monitored.

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