Warrick County is located near the median population center of the United States, with quick and easy access to key markets, whether you want to reach them via roads, rails, air, or water.

Hop on Interstates 64 and 69, the International Commerce Superhighway that connects Michigan to Mexico, for easy access to the rest of the nation. Abundant rail availability is provided by CSX, Norfolk Southern, and Indiana Southern. And the powerful Ohio River flows alongside Warrick County, offering access to barge terminals.

With a runway length of 8,021 feet (2,445 meters), nearby Evansville Regional Airport gives jet commuters access to many major metropolitan business destinations, such as Dallas, Chicago, Indianapolis, Charlotte, Detroit, Memphis, and Atlanta. This easy connection to many different airlines provides flexibility, keeping you from being tied to one major airline or hub. Indianapolis and St. Louis are both home to major FedEx hubs and Louisville is UPS’s main global air hub.

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